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2006 news archive
25/11/2006 Report to the MYA AGM
19/9/2006 NCA for GBR vote
10/9/2006 Period for voting extended for 7 days - votes will now be accepted up to and including 18th September
10/9/2006 Low turnout forecast - could this be a problem in the future
20/8/2006 What it is all about for NCA for GBR owners
19/8/2006 Owner list submitted to IOMICA
18/8/2006 NCA annual report to IOMICA

NCA report to the
Read the NCA for GBR Secretary's report to the 2006 MYA AGM.  

Following the AGM,  Graham Childs has been elected Racing Secretary and therefore takes over as Events Officer for the NCA.
Report (pdf file)
NCA for GBR vote
Richard Rowan writes ......
I regret to have to advise the NCA for GBR that only 30 GBR members voted. This is regretably low.
NCA for GBR vote
current situation
Richard Rowan writes ......
Attention all NCA for GBR owners who have not yet voted - the vote is being held open for another week.  Voting papers may now be returned to me up to and including Monday 18th September.

This is because the "turnout" is currently extremely low - in fact,  it is so low that the whole concept of the IOM Class Association and how it might operate in the future could be seriously compromised.  I originally took on the job of NCA for GBR Secretary because I thought that having a class association would help to let individual owners have a say in the running of the class and in how the class rules are dealt with.   I realise that things would not appear to have moved forward much in the last 2 to 3 years but some progress is being made. 

So,  I need all UK Owners to each now make a little effort to consider the resolutions in front of them and to let me have a vote,  even if this vote contains a lot of abstentions on individual resolutions.

  IOMICA AGM 2006  20/08/2006 
What is the AGM all about for NCA for GBR owners
Click on the link below to get full information on what the IOMICA AGM is about and to obtain information on how to go about making a vote. 

Click here to read about what the AGM is all about for NCA for GBR owners

The NCA for GBR vote will be collated and submitted by Richard Rowan (Class Secretary and World Council Representative).    NCA for GBR voting papers or emails must be returned to Richard by 11th September 2006.

Owner list

A current NCA for GBR owner list was submitted to IOMICA on 19th August.  It was subsequently amended following the discovery of a minor error in the process of assessing MYA membership status.  The amended number of owners listed was:
Certificated owners : 548     Certificated boats : 877
Registered owners : 576      Registered boats : 51

Note that certificated owners are also classed as registered owners.

The above number of owners gives GBR 11 votes out of the total of 55 votes that can be exercised during the AGM (ie 12.9%).  Click here to open the latest IOMICA voting strength pdf file.
AGM 2006
The IOMICA AGM for 2006 will be held electronically between 18th and 25th September.   There are 19 resolutions before the AGM - these must be voted on by IOM owners throughout the world.  Individual owners make their votes through the NCA to which they are affiliated.  NCA votes are collated by an NCA representative - the outcome of each NCA's vote is submitted to IOMICA by the NCA's World Council representative.    For the arrangements for the GBR vote,  see above.
NCA annual report
The NCA for GBR's annual report to IOMICA for 2005.  

Report (pdf file)