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2004 news archive Informational topics (on separate pages)
23/10/2004 - Preparing for the MYA AGM
29/08/2004 - Whats been happening over the summer
15/06/2004 - At least one milestone achieved
30/05/2004 - Whats currently happening
02/03/2004 - What the NCA for GBR is about
26/01/2004 - IOMICA recognises the NCA for GBR
MYA membership renewals in 2004
Annual report to MYA AGM 2004

Preparing for the MYA AGM
Richard Rowan writes....  What has been happening since my last report - I continue to be extremely busy with work,  but am glad to report that my repetitive strain injury is under control.  Unfortunately, that has meant that I still haven't been able to devote as much time to NCA affairs as I would like to and so there is not much progress to report on aspects of the NCA for which I am responsible.

However,  the work of the NCA goes on through the various committees of the MYA.  Roger Stollery and the Technical Sub-committee are responsible to technical matters to do with the IOM class in the UK. 

Chris Harris (Racing Secretary) is currently finalising the calendar for 2005 - if you have any IOM events that you wish to have included in the calendar,  then now is the time to let Chris know  (email him at  

Mark Dennis (International Secretary) with the help of Anne has been looking after the composite GBR/ITA team at the European Championships at Arcos - congratulations to GBR sailor Graham Bantock (sailing with ITA on his sails) for winning the event,  also similar to Peter Stollery for achieving a good 2nd place overall with a new and relatively untried evolution of the Tonic design.

Finally,  we mustn't forget the good work done by Jim Vice who continues to look after the NCA for GBR IOM registration list.

New member registrations have now dropped off to a trickle.

This topic is being added as I prepare the first NCA Annual Report which will be included with the papers for the MYA AGM on 27th November 2004.  As soon as the AGM papers are sent out to the Clubs,  my report will be available on this page.

Finally,  I have permitted my name to go forward for the post of NCA Secretary in the new MYA year - I feel that there is much unfinished business that I would like to complete - the winter months here in Scotland is a good time for "paper" and "computer" work.

Whats been happening over the summer
Richard Rowan writes....  Basically - not a lot.  I have been very busy with work,  have been suffering from a repetitive strain type injury on my mouse arm (so have been having to restrict the amount of time spent on the computer) and have been dragged off on holiday by the wife.

However,  I have moved the database on a little bit so that I can now create merge letters using Word.  Next bit to be developed will be a facility to send information out via email.
At least one milestone achieved
Richard Rowan writes....   I am pleased to advise all members of the NCA for GBR that the work on the database has progressed sufficiently for me to have submitted a list of 202 certificated and 9 registered owners to IOMICA.  The next development in the database will be to communicate directly with all members to confirm their details.  However,  with holidays coming up in early July,  this probably won't happen until the middle to end of July.  So,  I hope that you will continue to be patient as I slowly work up the administrative tool.

Presently,  I have about 30 boats in the NCA list which are flagged as having "Owner Name mismatch".  What this means is,  that when an IOM changes hands,  its certificate becomes invalid. In order to re-validate the certificate,  the new owner simply has to fill in the change of ownership section on the certificate and send it to Jim Vice (the IOM Registrar) not fogetting to include a stamped addressed envelope.  You can find Jim's address in your MYA handbook on page 9.
Whats currently happening 
(written at end of May)
Richard Rowan writes....    Over the last couple of months,  I have been working steadily albeit slowly on the development of a database to administer the NCA membership list.  I have been using MS Access which I am finding to be frustratingly slow to use.  However,  the good news is that I am seeing substantial progress this weekend and hope to be able to soon write to everyone who has registered with confirmation of their registration information and with some further news.

One major point that is emerging concerns IOM registration and certification - I am finding that owners are not always re-registering boats after a change of ownership - remember that a boat's certificate is invalid when the boat changes owner.  In such cases,  it is very easy to re-validate the certificate by simply filling in the new owners details and sending the form to Jim Vice (remember to enclose a stamped addressed envelope).

What the NCA for GBR
is about
A document setting out the what the NCA for GBR is about and how it will work has been published Acquaint issue 1 2004 (delivered May 2004).   The document can also be viewed by clicking here.  

26/01/2004 -
IOMICA recognises
the NCA for GBR
The following announcement was made on the IOMICA web site on 26th January:

Great Britain has completed the requirements to become the eighth IOM NCA.

What happened in 2003 In April 2003,  the Model Yachting Association applied to IOMICA to act as the IOM NCA for Great Britain.   The MYA was then asked to satisfy the requirements of the IOMICA Constitution in respect of Membership of the World Council.

In late October,  Richard Rowan was appointed by the MYA Council to oversee the process of getting the application completed and to thereafter act as IOM NCA Secretary with the objective of getting the IOM NCA for GBR into full operation. Letter from Mike Clifton. 

One of Richard's first actions was to progress the MYA's application.  On 16th November,  progressing the application was commenced and was eventually completed at the end of January 2004 when IOMICA accepted the MYA's application.