IOM Scottish Travellers 2018

Event 2 - Greenock - 19th May 2018

The second Scottish District 2018 IOM Travellers event was held under the auspices of Greenock MY&PBC at Murdieston Dam on 19th May 2018.  12 boats from 6 Scottish Clubs took part.  

Full report from John Taylor (pdf format)

Top placings were:
Pos Skipper Boat Club Points
1 Ian Dundas Corbie 5 Aberdeen 38
2 Richard Rowan Cheinz Greenock 44
3 Brian Summers Britpop Tayside 45
4 Rober Rooney Corbie Paisley 58
5 Richard Ennos Classic II Levenhall 66
6 John Owens Corbie Aberdeen 93

Race Team
John Taylor (RO), Hughie Shields, John Mason and David Smith

Photos from Hughie Shields and other