IOM Scottish Travellers 2018

Event 1 - Forfar - 10th March 2018

The first Scottish District 2018 IOM Travellers event was held under the auspices of Aberdeen MYC at Forfar Loch on 10th March 2018.  Despite a poor weather forecast there was a good turnout of 16 boats from 7 Scottish Clubs.  

Full report from Ian Dundas (pdf format)

Top placings were:
Pos Skipper Boat Club Points
1 Ali Law Vision Buchanness 10.0
2 Brian Summers Britpop Tayside 20.0
3 Colin McGinnis Buzz 2 Tayside 23.0
4 John Taylor Rubix  Greenock 23.0
5 John Owens Corbie Aberdeen 25.0
6 Richard Ennos Equus  Levenhall 38.0

Full score sheet (pdf format)

Race Team
 I Dundas (RO), Boyd Baird, Cathy Reid, Keith Furnace, Alan McKechnie, Bill Odger, Ewan Reid, George Whelan, Murphy

Photos from Ian Dundas