IOM Scottish District Championship 2018

Levenhall @ Castle Semple  -  28th April 2018

The Scottish District IOM Championship was held at Castle Semple under the auspices of Levenhall RYC on 28th April. 
13 boats took part.

Report from Richard Ennos (pdf format)

Top placings were:
Pos Skipper Club Hull design Points
1. R Rowan Greenock Cheinz 18
2. S Taylor Aberdeen Corbie 5 18
3. B Summers Tayside Britpop 27
4. I Dundas Aberdeen Idiom 37
5. R Brown Levenhall Britpop 38

Full score sheet (pdf format)


Race Team
Richard Ennos RO (Levenhall),  David Smith (Paisley),  Nick Cowern (Levenhall),  Lindsay Odie (Levenhall)