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2nd December District The District Secretary would like to remind Scottish Clubs and interested radio sailors of the existence of health and safety information appropriate to our sport.  The MYA recommended HSE documents and templates may be found on these web pages
click here to go to the documents  

The intent of this reminder is to raise the general awareness of Health,  Safety and Environment aspects as:
- a responsible organisation
- responsible clubs
- responsible skippers / club members.
19th November District The Scottish District AGM was held  on 24th October.   The final version of the minutes and reports is now published in the District Committee page click here.   (Note - the final version includes a report from Greenock MY&PBC which was submitted late).
17th October Paisley Paisley MYC held an Open Meeting for IOMs to celebrate 120 years of model yachting at Barshaw  Park.  The race report, score sheet and photos may be viewed on Paisley's new web site  click here
14th September District IOM Scottish IOM Travellers 2015 Ranking List is now published.   click here
12th September Aberdeen Scottish IOM Travellers event 3 was held at Aberdeen's new sailing water at Knockburn Loch on Saturday 12th September.  click here for the report, score sheet and photos
15th August Buchaness 16 skippers from all over Scotland gathered at Buchaness to take part in the IOM Club Championship and Open event on 15th August.  The event was sailed mostly in a light to medium wind strength mostly from the north west.  Constant wind shifts and changes of strength meant that the skippers had to work very hard to maintain good results.  At the end of the day after 11 races,  John Owens managed a very creditable win with a score of 20 points followed by Richard Rowan on 26 points and Ali Law on 27 points.  RO was Carl Burrows assisted by Cathy and Bill Reid   click here for the full score sheet  Also see the  Buchanness facebook page click here
13th June Forfar The Scottish District IOM Wooden Boat Championships were held at Forfar Loch on Saturday 13th June.  click here for the report, score sheet and photos
23rd / 24th May Aberdeen The Scottish District IOM Championships was held at Castle Semple on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th May.   click here for the report, score sheet and photos
2nd May Greenock Scottish IOM Travellers event 2  was hosted by Greenock MY&PBC at Castle Semple on Saturday 2nd May.  For the report, score sheet and photos  click here
11th April Paisley IOM Open meeting.  For the report and score sheet  click here
4th April District The Scottish District Sailing Theory and Practical Workshop was held on Saturday 4th April at Forfar Loch. Speakers included Richard Ennos, Tich Summers and Ian Dundas.  In the afternoon, on the water coaching took place.   Click here for a report
14th March Levenhall The Scottish IOM Travellers event 1 was held at Levenhall RYC on Saturday 14th March.  For the report, score sheet and photos  click here
2nd February District From John Owens - A second Scottish skipper receives the prestigious MYA Syan award.  This award recognises individuals or groups who have made an outstanding contribution to model yachting.  Ali Law received the award at the 2012 AGM and last year at the 2014 AGM, the award was presented to Richard Rowan.  Read more about why Ali and Richard received the award in the District Committee page - click here to open the page. .
26th January District New for 2015  Read the District Councillor's reports to the MYA Council meetings.  The Councillor's reports will be published in the District Committee page.  The first report for 2015 is now uploaded and will be given at the Council meeting held on 31st January.  Any comment directly to Richard Rowan.  click here to open the District Committee page.